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That Being The Journal Of A Goblin

....who is much addicted to cafeine

8 December
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Hey! Every bio should start with "Hey"! I hereby propose a "hey" motion for Livejournal bios. If you wish to participate, just add "hey" in the begining of your bio. I bet half of you are participaitng by default.

Hey! I am here, like, on Livejournal now. Physicly I am in Stamford Connecticut, or, what we call, the Larger Suburbs Of New York. Actualy, it is a city (safest city(>100,000 people) in the US!) but, it is nothing by neighborhood comparison. Next year I will be in the glorious city of Boston, which is, ehm, glorious and large. Actually, I will be in the slightly less glorious suburb called Cambrige, MA. Not Cambridge, England, but Cambridge MA. Seriously. Why would you do that? That is like instantaneous confusion, right there.

In my spare time, I read books and panick about various things, such as getting kicked out of college before actually going there, being doomed to an eternity without Vampire:Masquerade and having my iPod break down, irevocably, in the middle of a long, boring and ardurous journey. I used to do a lot of other things, like watch anime and moderate in a large and awesome roleplaying game called Kingdoms Of Telgard. I swore to get back to that this summer (and also to finish Half Life) so if you poke me to do that, I will give you non-existant arsenic-drenched chocolate chip cookies. I know they are poisonous, but, if they weren't, I would have eaten them myself by now.

Well, cheers! Have fun. Leave a comment. I always respond& backfriend. Yay.