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Posted on 2005.07.28 at 00:31
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My life rocks. I feel happy to say this, because there really isn't enough of this sentiment on my Flist.

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On Tuesday, I went to work and arranged some of my life. I actually liked work, because, y'see it is all so easy when I don't care anymore.

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And tomorrow, I think I need to contact Erica because there was something happening. Ehm, yay!



Posted on 2005.06.25 at 22:32
I totally did not want to make a post about this, but I have to.

Gungrave rocks. Gungrave is awesome. Gungrave is beyond awesome. Gungrave is the coolest thing I have ever seen, except it is cooler than that too. Some things are shifty, but it is still the coolest thing ever. Seriously. Yep.

I'm not kidding. Gungrave is it, yo.


Awesome Graduation.

Posted on 2005.06.16 at 20:43
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So I just had the most strange graduation ever. Actually, I am torn between feeling very annoyed and cheated out of walking up to get my diploma and, on the contrary, feeling completely, jubilated because this is not the sort of a thing that happens often, or ,for that matter, to anybody else.

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How DO they rise?

Posted on 2005.05.25 at 12:05
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Check the date!

The new Star Wars movie. It rocks. It totally rocks. I loved it. Oh, it had faults, but otherwise it was perfect. And if you are wondering how, exactly, that works out...don't. Wonder about the nature of the universe, instead. It is a lot more entertaining, not to mention productive.

Terry Pratchett rocks too. Night Watch's a good book. Not funny, but quite spiffy.

This entry might, later, be edited to include stuff. Right now, I am hungry. And sleepdeprived. I do, however, have an MIT email and a facebook account.

Edit: The Tremere are awesome. The Tremere are a clan in Vampire:Masquerade, which is an rpg from White Wolf. Anyway, the Tremere used to be mages, but then the paradox stuff appeared, so they decided to ditch the entire magic thing and find something even more powerful. Kidnapped a local vampire, became a vampire clan. Their key discipline is Thaumaturgy, which is basicly magic, vampire style. And yes, half the vampire world hates them with a passion and the other half doesn't like them much either, but, I swear, the Tremere could totally take over the world, if they wanted to. They are awesome.

With 4 in Thaumaturgy I-eh, my character can drain blood at a distance. All I have to do is see the target within 50ft and, whoosh, blood drainage. This is very, very useful. It is, however completly useless against a celerity-ized lasombra, because I can't actually see it. Oh well. Stuff happens.

La[S]ombra means "The Shadow" in spanish. This is something I should have realized earlier. It is, by the way, a clan with shadow-magic. I'll shut up now.

No, I won't shut up, but I did threaten to Dominate our group's brujah into shuting up. That was fun. I know it is his first time playing, (maybe if he didn't space out and walk out of the room half the time, he'd have an easier time of it), but "lets split up!" is not a very good advice if your group is comprised of weak neonates who were just ordered to kill a high-ranking Sabbat Official. He is a nice kid in everything else though.

I will be scramming off now. Chilling in the library is fun. Also, apple pie is fun. Apple pie is alot of fun. Especially free apple pie. And a nice "Highest Cumulative NEML score" certificate. Makes me feel less guilty about abusing my pie-eating priveleges. Did I mention a yay for pie? A nay for driving school? Gwah. Cha! and see ya later, folks.



Posted on 2005.05.04 at 19:02
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There is a wooden stake duct-taped to a stop-light near my house. This is rather peculiar. Are there any local vampires that I should know about? Are there any local vampires that I shouldn't know about?

This was going to be an entry, but instead I think I am going to go study. I get to review Amber and Paafri books for Summer Reading, which makes me happy.

Posted on 2005.03.14 at 21:41
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Happy Pi day. In its honour, MIT sent out its letters to prospective students. Or maybe they just did it because they are nice like that.

In any case, I just got into MIT. It has been my dream since I was in middle school. I was having difficulties breathing before and I feel like I am about to faint. Exept, not really. Wow.

Posted on 2005.03.06 at 17:05
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We were going by this plaza today, and there was Gap. On top there was an American flag, some random blue flag and a large red cross flag.

"Erm, does Switzerland own Gap," I ask my mom. That didn't seem likely and soon we figured out- the influence came from Lindt Chocolates located next - well, about 5 stores over from Gap. This overwhelming influence of Lindt can say only one thing- while we put flags on the moon, the bank nation will put the flag on Gap. Unless of course, Gap captured the Swiss flag. I mean, they get 10 TF points and all, but it would put a new spin on the entire "IBM vs. Russia" question.

Then we got to Lohmanns and turned to the more practical problem of finding me a prom dress. I don't know how normal people live, because I was driven insane after trying on the first five. I also got to see the tackiest things, like a bright green glittery prom dress that loooked much like Vegas in the 30s. Mostly I am proud of my simile, but, alas, it doesn't help with the actual choosing a dress that makes me look non-spehrical process. Yeah, thats a hyperbole. Damn, I am good with these literary devices.

The I got to get home and read Machiaveli. It is annoying me immensly, as I have a presentation on him tomorrow. The reason I have a presenation is because I sit on a bokcase and don't kep my mouth shut during class. I am not comlpaing - people are joking about bringing cameras and I crave attention. I am, however, complaining of the fact that the library lacks a complete copy of the Discourses. What they have is a compliation of The prince and 5 random chapters of the Discourses. That, all together, takes about 100 pages. Then there is about 200 pages of analysis. I realize that the discourses are pretty damn masive, but still. Urg.

Meawhie, I find out that my Telgardian acquintice is becomeing an officer in the Finnish army. It isn't surprising- he was a finnish nationalist from the begining, and, in fact, spent the first month of his Telagrdian Life arguing over whether Russia or US sucks more. Everybody else fed the troll, because it was very amusing. Then he stopped being a troll. And I got his character as a PC to mod, which made trolling on the topic hard anyways. But taverners still got treated to random compilations of Finnish tales and facts about Finland. Then he got my PC to mod, which made a wonderful circle of intermodding. Unfortunatly, I was quite inactive, but who cares.

And then a few months ago he announced that he was joining the Finnish Army, which was completly understandable given his nationalism and carreer plans, but still "woah!". And now he just posted that he got selected for officer training, which he is happy about, but other candidates are, apparently, not, since it means that they will be stuck in training for a longer period of time. And it is so...surreal.

Posted on 2005.03.03 at 21:16
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I have figured out that Wuthering Heights can make sense and seem interesting. Unfortunatly, that only happens when I have a fever. Then, I just imagine that all the other characters also have a fever (and to their credit, half the time they do). It makes it easier to feel sympathy for them instead of just wanting to smack everybody back to their senses.

Similarly, I have figured out that 90% of our english class does not do homework on a regular basis. Close to 25% rarely does it at all. I have also found out that the best students in the class are in the above mentioned 25%, which says something about the quality of homework.

Here is a complaint- we had to write a sestina. A sestina is this sort of an annoying poem that has uber strict line endings. It doesn't have to rhyme, unless it does rhyme and is not something you would do unless you have some substance to put into it. It is very nice if you have substance. I don't. Nor do I have the poetic talent to carry this off. Anything I write makes me wish to either die, vomit, or both, which would, I suppose, make a horrendous mess. At leats it is now confirmed, that, despite my mother's (not to mention numerous friends') talent(s) in this genre, I have abslutly none whatsoever. Luckily, I am not at all sad about it. Just annoyed.


I bet my icon makes no sense whatsoever. *shrug*

Posted on 2005.02.23 at 20:24
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Read some of the Lucifer comic books. Well, the first one to be exact. A lot better than I expected. Feels a lot like Sandman, but not as original and ergo cool. On the other hand, the random and short subplots are nicely woven in and Lucifer rocks. Well, we knew that already, but the guys who did this (Forget the names, I do) remembered that spifiness is good, so yay. The art was also really nice, in the first couple of stories anyways. The time line is after Season Of Mists, but, possibly before The Wake, as I do belive Lucifer closes down the bar in that one. I might be wrong though. Both of those titles refer to the Sandman books, which you should read, in case you haven't already.

In addition, I got up to Chapter 10 in Issola, which details the latest adventures fo Vlad Taltos, as he encounters the Jenoine. And Verra, but of course she is kind of a regular at this point. It is abslutly hillarious and has nice but totally expected facts about Morrolan. For example, he sacrificed a few villages (Telda: They were more like hamlets, really....) to Verra because they destroyed Blackchapel, the town where he studied witchcraft. He never bothered to explained his reasons though. Why? Oh,he felt he shouldn't have to. So, people just think he is a bloodthirsty monster. Its very endearing. :)

Actually the book is absolutly hillarious and totally awesome. I mean, we knew that. But, just in case, it is. Once I am done I would have read everything exept Orca and Sethra Lavode, which makes me both sad and delighted.

As far as the rest of my life goes, I have a horribly annoying, but hopefully easily mitigated, cold. So, I get to spend my vacation sitting at home reading and chilling. It isn't a bad thing alltogether. Feels like a very long weekend. I want more of these.

Posted on 2005.02.18 at 22:24
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My first! My very first! Oh, the jubilation!

College acceptance letter. What did you think I was talking about? :P

So, yeah, I got into RIT. Thats, Rochester Institute Of Technology in case you didn't know. Because there is no reason for you TO know, really. Unless you do know. In which case, good for you. It isn't my first choice and it isn't the last. Its kind of a safety school actually. But, I got in somewhere. Squirrels. Jumpy bouncy squirrels.

Those two last sentences are to be ignored. I am really not sane right now. I had the most weirdly hillarious evening since I got to see Constantine, while getting drunk on a two-littre bottle of Diet Coke. Sort of like last time. Except this time I didn't have to wander around the streets for 4 hours. I wasn't going to go see Constantine. It was to be Searching For Neverland. And then we convinced the entire gorup to see Constantine. And then they bailed out. One by one. But I did find out that the Hitchhiker's Guide commercial looks better on the big scree. And as far as Konstantine goes, it was good. Maybe great. I'd even say Hot. Not quite Awesome. But very very very very cool. Well, hot. Well, you get the point.

I don't think I should be typing right now because I am really high on sugar and I have no clue what I am writing and am totally incapable of coherent thought. Oh and very happy and jubilant. Thats a good thing. And the next week is vacation. That, too, is a good thing.

I got in somewhere. Yay. Huzzah. Yay. Huzzah. Yay. Huzzah. And so on and so forth in the obvious manner. Yay. Huzzah. Yay. Huzzah.

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